Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let's Do It Again

I have mentioned several times how important it is to write down our own memories and views of current history.  I have started a handwritten journal using a book that contains prompts for writing your memories.  I have only written in the journal a couple of times.  I have not exactly practiced what I have preached.

Last week, I was directed to Pardon My Redundancy by a new blogs post at Geneabloggers.  The blog is focused on capturing RHarrisonScott's memories.  He writes blogposts about all sorts of memories that come to him.  

As I read many of the blog posts at Pardon My Redundancy, I thought "This is brilliant!"  I realized that I do not write in my journal because it is not something that I have a habit of doing.  I do check email, update social media, and write blogposts on a regular basis.  I should not try to create a new habit, I should make the habit part of a process that I already complete.  If I really want to get my memories on paper why not make it digital "paper"?!  

As a nod to my original blog and to remind myself that I need to get my memories written down, I have decided to call my new blog Down In The Roots.  I have linked my two blogs together using the page tabs at the top of the blog.  

It is time to get my first memory written down:

I am not digging far into the past today.  This memory is from this afternoon.  Today signaled that it was going to be a hot one early on.  We ate breakfast with the sliding door that leads to the back door wide open.  Last night, my husband and I were discussing the possibility of going to the beach today to escape from the heat in Novato.  After a busy week and even busier Saturday, we were both tired today.  We made the executive decision that it would be much easier (read - lazy) to drive down the street to my in-laws house and go swimming in their pool.  

After a couple of months of swim lessons, our three year old (I will call her J for privacy) loves to pretend she is a fish in the pool.  Around the pool are a couple of decorative rocks.  There are two smaller ones at one end of the pool and a large one in the deep end.  My husband encouraged J to jump off one of the smaller rocks.  She was immediately hooked.  

After many times off the smaller rock, my husband offered to jump off the big rock with J.  The top of the big rock is about 2 feet off the ground. J stood up on the big rock not to sure if this was a good idea.  John took J's hand and together they jumped.  J's head broke the surface and beamed as we yelled in excitement.   She then took the next step and launched off the rock by herself towards her dad who remained in the pool.  

The grin on her face as she came back to the side of the pool was a mile wide.  As soon as she got to the step, J yelled out "Let's do it again!!!"  So again and again, my little baby reminded me how fast she is growing up and how much fun I have watching her.  

I will take J's delight and apply it to myself.  Let's do it again and get another memory written down.

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